Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So Laura Ingalls-ish

I must confess...I was a chicken hater! Yep, there you have it...every time I would even as much as peek out the window, all I saw was chicken POOP, even if it wasn't really there...I saw it! Every stinking time I would take the trash out, chicken poop on my shoe...I would try and be nice and get them water, chicken poop on my hands...not to mention the tiny detail of having them for 9 poopie months...with NO EGGS!

You probably ask yourself, why does she have these chicks? make a long story short, my oldest of the 4 (lets call her A)...never ceases to amaze me.  All her life she has been an animal lover...therefore all her life she has surprised me by bringing random stuff into my home.  When I say surprise...we aren't talking good surprises...I'm talking,"surprise mom I know you said no...but look how cute they are"..."surprise mom I have had this kitten in my car/room for 3 days.  This is the girl who would stuff snails and worms into her pockets for me to find, the girl that has brought home dogs, fish, turtles, cats and yes you guessed it...1 day old baby chicks!
"A" with Waneesha
Ok, maybe that was more long than short...but there you have it.  I must admit in the beginning of the chicken scandal I was kinda happy...I thought great, this is going to be so "green" of me to have organic free range chicken eggs anytime I want...and someone else will do the work.  Fabulous! But then the help left off to college...and guess who had to buck up and fill in...meeeeee 

The best part to this story is that I...#1 chicken hater...have done a complete 180! In the last 2 months I have grown to really love my 2 feathered friends.  I look forward to having them greet me each morning and loving that with each new day I receive 2 beautiful brown eggs.  The crazy thing is, I think I will be adding to my little farm!



  1. If I recall, and I am the one that remembers everything.. it was you that brought home every animal we ever had growing up.

    1. Oh and so glad you are blogging again.. I look forward to these!!

  2. How about you get all the chickens and I pay you for a couple of your eggs? That way you step in the poop you now love and I...well I give you money for the dirty work.